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For questions about the law or legal process as depicted in works of fiction. Avoid using this tag unless the fiction is a key component of the question.

This tag is for questions that involve the depiction of the law or legal process in works of fiction, including film and television, books and comics, songs, plays, and other art.

Questions should attempt to indicate the (presumed or actual) statute or regulation or legal principle, or the aspect of the legal process or the legal professions, that is depicted in the fiction.

A synopsis of any relevant plot may be helpful if it provides context to the legal situation being depicted. It is not necessary to describe significant sections of a plot in the question body. Instead, provide further links to a reliable source that contains this detail.

This tag should not be used where the work of fiction is incidental to the legal situation. For example, asking whether a lawyer can pass the bar despite being jailed for unlicensed practise, even if it forms the plot of a work of fiction, does not require knowledge or mention of the legal fiction itself to be answered. However, the fiction is integral to asking whether a specific case would be run as depicted, or why characters act as they do, or the accuracy of a particular depiction, and should be tagged .