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How did international/colonial jurisdictions deal with the combination of law and equity?

Differently It is not correct to say that English common law and equity was merged in the judicial reforms of the 1870s; they remained distinct areas of law. What changed is that they were ...
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Are writs rooted in equity?

Writs are not unique to equity. Writs developed as essentially template actions and associated orders in both law courts and chancery. They eventually crystalized around a fixed set of wrongs and ...
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What were practitioners of/at (?) Equity called when the courts were separate?

While the period of time before the fusion of law and equity in 1873 is quite long, and there were many changes to the law during it, I think it's reasonable to look at the earlier part of the ...
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Are writs rooted in equity?

No A writ is simply an order issued under legal authority for someone to do or not do something. Today the word is usually associated with orders by a court but historically, they applied to ...
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When did criminal discovery rules substantially form?

When did the discovery/disclosure rules as we know them today substantially form? In the United States, the constitutional right to criminal discovery was established in Brady v. Maryland, 373 U.S. ...
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