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What part of Israeli law declares that the Knesset is the legislative authority?

The Knesset was established in the transition of Israel to independence, but not in a single step. To this day, Israel does not have a comprehensive written constitution, including a definition of the ...
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What happens if the president refuses to sign an approved law?

The received opinion (November 9 and 23, 2003) under Israeli law is your option 1, under Article 11 §(a)1, which states that "The President of the State shall sign every law, other than laws ...
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Why does CFR 15 look so much different on eCFR vs the OLRC?

The first two links aren't the CFR, they are the USC, the United States Code. This is a codification of statute law: laws enacted by Congress. The last two links are to the CFR, the Code of Federal ...
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Why does CFR 15 look so much different on eCFR vs the OLRC?

eCFR is an official government website. Cornell is a university's non-profit side project of some Cornell University law professors. Different IT teams are involved with different standards for ...
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