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If you sued the reporter alone, and he has any insurance, the insurance company will certainly force the newspaper to sit at the defense table as a co-defendant. The newspaper has deeper pockets and was ultimately responsible for editing and selecting the reporter's article for publication. Further, the newspaper may willingly leap to the defendant's ...


In addition to the other answer which, correctly, notes that the publisher is more likely to be in a position of being able to pay any damages awarded, there is one other good reason to sue the publisher rather than the journalist... The journalist cannot print a retraction or correction with the same reach as the original article - only the publisher can ...


English Law answer: Both the newspaper that published and the individual who wrote the defamatory statement may be sued for defamation. You may choose to sue one or sue both as co-defendants. The most common reason to sue the publication over the individual writer is because the publication is more likely to pay damages.

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