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Most of the works available on Libgen are illegal: they have infringed copyright by putting copies there. Any copying of a protected work, done without permission of the copyright owner, is copyright infringement. That includes downloading from libgen.


You are looking for something beyond the scope of general public licenses such as the CC licenses, so you either have to give up on some (most) of your demands, or else hire an attorney to write a license. Copyright law says that the code is your intellectual property, so you don't have to say that but you have to be careful in how you grant others ...


You would either be concerned about fair use in the US, or fair dealing in the UK (it is unclear who would have standing to sue you for infringement, but it is not Netflix. Probably Channel 4, UK). The UK doctrine is more limited than the US fair use doctrine. §30 of the UK law seems to be what is relevant: usage requires "sufficient acknowledgement". It is ...


One non-trivial difference is that CC 3.0 is a class of licenses, one per country. If something is licensed under 3.0, does that refer to the US version, the German version, the UK version? Copyright law differs across jurisdictions and US versus German versions could reflect local differences in law. CC provides a "what's new" document explaining what they ...

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