Yes, but … Most fantasy races you named are part of long-standing folklore and any copyright the author had has long since expired. Orcs are from Germanic folklore, elves from Celtic, humans are, well, human and I don’t know what a Tauran is. Now, the particular imagery and description applied to these races by Warcraft is covered by copyright. So generic ...


Copyright protects creative expression, not ideas. To the degree to which the design can be considered a creative expression, the copyleft effects of the CC-BY-SA license would apply and designs that are derived from this design would have to use a compatible license. But the ideas themselves are not covered by the CC-BY-SA license. Anyone could read the ...


Unattribution This question seems to ask for removal of the content. If your goal is to simply have your name removed from the content, that is a reserved right. See this question for more information, "Can you demand un-attribution under your name with content you licensed under CC-BY-SA?"

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