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Questions concerning the laws, criminal justice system, civil court procedures and related topics specific to the state of Louisiana.

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I'd like to know if there jurisdiction in a lawsuit for debt collection when the plaintiff misidentified me in the court filing?

I am a defendant in a lawsuit. The plaintiff incorrectly named me as a resident of certain parish and state, of which, by state legal definition,I am not. Can I use this to oppose, in my answer to a ...
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What happens if police force you do something based on a supposed violation of a statute or ordinance they cannot name?

I park on the street in front of my house, because it is very convenient - I can for instance, get to and from my car without rousing my dogs or waking up family. I had the police come one evening and ...
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Are civil law cases precedents in common law states?

So, Louisiana is a bit of an odd-ball state in that it observes civil law (Napoleonic law). The big difference between common law and civil law is that in civil law, the judge is expected to base his ...
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Do school zone knife exclusions violate the 14th Amendment?

In the US, most if not all states have some kind of law(s) in place that prohibit the carrying of knives in school zones. While most states define a knife as a weapon by edge length, I can not find ...
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Dormitory Firearm Posession at Louisiana Public School

I'm a student at a public university in Louisiana, and I was reading up on the state's firearm law in order to be sure I could legally keep such a weapon for defense in my apartment, which is ...
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How to handle local sales tax for online sales regarding unincorporated city/town limits

I have a client Located in Louisiana performing online sales inside Louisiana which is in a destination-based sales tax state. I have run into an issue where they are using the town name from the ...
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If i had seen somebody steall something from a store and then drove him somewhere is it a crime?

So this person insisted on me giving him a ride to a nearby CVS and I went ahead with taking him, as being a good samaritan (I thought), and we went in the store. I bought some drinks and while I'm at ...
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Liability for explosive theft prevention

A man in New Orleans, USA, developed a method to prevent thieves from breaking into his car by rigging a flashbang to detonate if someone broke in. A flashbang is an explosive device that triggers a ...
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Vehicle Title Transfers

I live in Louisiana. I have some non-blood/no-real-relation relatives that live in a different part of Louisiana than I currently do. My step-mom(used to be) still have a close relationship. Last year ...
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Volunteer Created Work: Who Owns the Copyright?

A volunteer creates many works for a nonprofit, without signing anything or giving ownership of the works to the nonprofit. The work is used, but after about a year, the volunteer resigns and, a month ...
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A student slipped a drug into my coffee — what are the legal ramifications of this situation?

I am a high school Chemistry teacher. This morning, while my back was turned to write on the board, one of my students (age 17) slipped a pill into my coffee mug. This is a thermos-style mug that has ...
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Parking Ticket while parked in our driveway

I can't upload my image, so I will do my best to explain the visual. I also apologize if this sort of question is not to meant to be asked on this branch of Stack Exchange. I, along with the other ...
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What is (or was) the difference between Louisiana's Civil Code and Revised Statutes?

As an example, Title V, Chapter 1 of the 1869 Civil Code was about the grounds for divorce. (This Chapter appears to be exactly the same in the 1882 Civil Code.) Section 1190 of the 1870 Revised ...
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