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A Major is confused / lied too

Both Privates Smith & Corporal Jones 10 USC 890 / UCMJ Art. 90 Wilfully disobeying superior Command First of all, Private Smith & Corporal Jones were under a direct and specific lawful order ...
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Can a state governor mobilize militias other than the National Guard?

A state governor acts as that state's Commander in Chief and gets full and ultimate control over the state's militia(except when that militia is federalized). In the modern day, "state militia&...
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Which countries have an agreement with the US that specifically exempts dual nationals from induction into the US military in the event of a draft?

The list of countries whose dual nationals are exempt from the draft was available on the Selective Service System's website until 2015, when it was removed. The webpage with the list says it was last ...
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