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In Europe (as defined) above it does not appear that any country allows an asylum claim based solely on the fact of being subject to obligatory military service. However, asylum claims can be made based on obligatory military service plus something surrounding the circumstances of military service. For example, during the Vietnam war, Sweden granted asylum ...


As @lucidbrot said in his comment, you can do your service "waffenlos", which means "weaponless". You have to write a letter where you explain why you don't want to carry a weapon. Then, the swiss army accepts or denies your request. If they accept it, you can choose a function like cook or leadership support to do your service.


In certain situations, military personnel can enforce federal law. For example, MP's enforce laws on military bases and often have agreements with local jurisdictions to do so a short distance around bases. Some other military agencies (Army CID, etc.) also enforce laws, though they generally don't stray into civilian matters. And the National Guard can be ...

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