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It is. But because laws are made to benefit the ruling mainstream mayority, or the political class, or whatever you choose to believe, conscription is magically not slavery, because as a citizen you have duties towards "the society" or "the nation" or "democracy". Just like taxiation is magically not theft, because majority ...


Because it is enshrined into the Constitution & applies to everyone (citizen), in contrast to slavery that applies only to the 'slaves', exempting masters, slave owners, slave traders, the Crown, the nobility, etc As opposed to slavery, the Constitution prescribes the penalties for breaching the laws of the land, whereas in slavery, the penalty is ...


I'm no expert, but there's a distinct difference between slavery and a military draft or jury duty. Slavery is unpaid work. With a military draft and with jury duty, the mandated person is paid for his/her work. Compensation might not be entirely fair, but it is paid work.


The only real answer is that the US Supreme Court, in interpreting the constitution, and specifically the argument that the 13th Amendment prohibits a draft for compelled military services has totally rejected that argument. For many years now the US has not used a draft, and it is obviously possible for the US to have an enduring and powerful military ...

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