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Theft by proxy using wild Crows?

Alice believes the bills are found somewhere on the ground or likely lost by people. She pockets them. The question seems to assume this is legal. Chapter 41 Section 252 of the laws of New York ...
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Does anything like “indirect discrimination” or the “duty to make reasonable adjustments” exist in the U.S.?

Question 1 Does anything like “indirect discrimination” ... exist in the U.S.? In the U.S., "indirect discrimination" is known as "disparate impact." Question 2 Does anything ...
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Theft by proxy using wild Crows?

This answer assumes no further intention than is disclosed in the question. If Alice had heightened or more precise intentions, that would change the analysis and could transform the scenario to be ...
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Do Legal Documents Require Signing In Standard Pen Colors?

Generally, no color is required in germany There is no law that prescribes a specific color for signatures. However, there is law about the chemical stability of the pens used: Certain documents, ...
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