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Im no legal expert but I will say this... Even in public schools, there is a dress code. No gang symbols, modesty, etc. If youre distracting students with your "speech" then youre not helping the educational environment. Generally I think bringing divisive politics into an academic or job setting is grossly unprofessional and irresponsible, a ...


In California, you may use reasonable force to protect property from imminent harm. The jury instruction on that point is here. The instruction regarding justifiable homicide and defense of property is more restricted, because it only applies to protection of property when the deceased enters a home. If a stranger attacks your dog on a walk, you can use ...


An animal is a possession under law. It's an item. It is hard to prove self-defense of your life when it was an item belonging to you that is threatened - lethal force is totally out of the question if you are not protecting your home.


Option 1 is that this is a private school. The school can establish whatever rules they want. There might be a cause of action for breach of contract, but more likely there is some clause saying "You have to do what the principal tells you". Private organizations are allowed to completely suppress you freedom of expression. Option 2 is that this is ...


Only if the company consents While some jurisdictions have by statute allowed corporations to be bound by pre-incorporation contracts, New York is not one of them and holds to the common law principle that a person cannot enter a contract before that person exists. In your circumstances the company is only bound by the second contract. So, who is bound by ...


Contract law may give X and the promoter (the person who signed the contract) a way out. The contract you describe is called, not surprisingly, a "pre-incorporation" contract. Since these are fairly common, you can find lots of discussions of their legal status online (for example, here and here). The basics are what you'd expect: First, since X ...


What do I do? You should submit to the police your evidence that the woman is hurt (such as the 2nd video you posted). The police should gather details from wherever she got medical attention and proceed from there. At the very least, the timing of this evidence will suggest that you did not make things up, since walking with a foot brace and crutches ...


I'm not sure they would have handled the possession as they probably were only kept by important people who wouldn't have been as strictly monitored.


I sign legal documents for real estate companies, most specify blue and some companies you can use black.

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