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Maybe. There are two questions presented. The first is whether someone who is in prison for a felony may be admitted to the practice of law. There is not a categorical prohibition on doing so. Instead, a character and fitness committee in each state to which an applicant seeks admission (even if it is a reciprocal admission) considers an applicant on a case ...


I'd imagine that this is unclear in theory, but in practice the answer will be no. How is the prisoner supposed to leave the prison when he won't get a Release on Temporary Licence to do so? By absconding or escaping? That would be unlawful and so the answer must be no.


No Prisoners in the US are virtually never permitted to have any job other than ones supplied by the prison. It doesn't matter if you're qualified to be a lawyer. You can't just leave prison as needed to do a job (including law).


No In most places in the world, you have to be registered as a lawyer to represent others. Also, in most places conviction of a serious crime/felony means you can't be a registered lawyer.


If I need to pay property tax on the house, are there any exemptions, based on the fact that I have no income? No. There may be property tax exemptions for other reasons, but there is not a property tax exemption for lack of income. The most common property tax exemptions in New York are listed here. They are: STAR (School Tax Relief) Senior citizens ...


According to this web page: Under the HIPAA Privacy Rule, a covered entity must act on an individual’s request for access no later than 30 calendar days after receipt of the request. If the covered entity is not able to act within this timeframe, the entity may have up to an additional 30 calendar days, as long as it provides the individual – within ...

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