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Asking is not illegal In fact, the police must tell you the reason for the direction to be valid. new-south-wales s197 of the Law Enforcement (Powers and Responsibilities) Act give police the power to order people to move on if they are obstructing pedestrians or traffic, they are intimidating or harassing others, they are placing others in fear, they are ...


The police, with a warrant, or a prosecutor, with a subpoena, can compel you to provide information for free, or for only a nominal statutory witness fee (that might cover parking and mileage to the place where the subpoena is responded to and maybe lunch at a fast food place). This, of course, takes law enforcement time, prosecutor time, and postpones ...


I think you’ll find that in real life as opposed to movies or books: Some variation of this occurs frequently in fiction, and, if those fictional stories are to be believed, it is generally impossible for crime investigators to secure either a warrant or a subpoena for either persons or devices that they believe only by circumstance might have information ...


Is asking police to justify their orders illegal? NO but the manner in which the "asking" is done may be.

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