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What is a binary form in software BSD license (and other licenses that didn't define it)?

Ultimately, these terms would have to be interpreted by a court in order to get clarity. But the phrasing “source or binary form” should likely be understood as “not just source form, but any form of ...
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Is each version of a software considered a "derivative work"?

Four Yes, each version is a derivative work, as mentioned in The following are examples of the many different types of derivative works: ... A new version ...
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Can minors publish open source software?

This topic might not have a clear answer, but it looks like FOSS licenses aren't clearly considered contracts: Historically, some open source vendors and enthusiasts insisted that such arrangements ...
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Can minors publish open source software?

A contract with a minor is valid until the minor or their legal guardian void the contract. The contract can be void until some time after the minor is not a minor anymore. So for the question that ...
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