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Elevators in Apt Bldg Reserved for Move-In/Out - ADA Violation?

Possibly I skimmed through my copy of the 2010 ADA to try and glean this answer, but there's a few things that are making it difficult to definitively determine. The most pertinent thing is the ...
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Is one witness all that's needed to prove a civil case?

There is no rule the prevents someone from proving a case with one witness and many cases are proven that way (especially in simple debt collection cases and in factually simple criminal cases). Of ...
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When does the grace period start for private parking?

For a car park covered by the British Parking Association's Approved Operator Code of Practice: The 'Grace Period' (at least 10 mins) starts at the end of the 'parking period' (when the parking period ...
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Elevators in Apt Bldg Reserved for Move-In/Out - ADA Violation?

You can kick a fuss, but all you'll do for your trouble is get the handicap parking spots moved to the P elevator. And get the EV parking spots moved or augmented and their price raised. Only four ...
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What can I do about illegal parking? Semi-peaceful protest, Scotland

Sue the owner(s) for nuisance Sorry, I don’t know what the Scottish law equivalent is but if someone “f#&ks up your day” in England they have committed the tort of nuisance. You can initiate legal ...
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