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Does an independent constable officer have a choice not to arrest someone they encounter who is subject of a warrant?

Particularly, it has been said that “a police officer cannot be directed when to arrest, the decision to arrest is that of the arresting officer only.” This is correct although I can, no more than ...
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Where does the idiomatic term “caution+3” come from?

See The reason it is called a caution plus 3 interview is because at the ...
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What is the legal situation if the police "request" a crowd disperse?

Ordinarily, a request by police is made in the simple hope of stopping the crime or disorder that is happening in front of them. It is not an offence in itself to disobey the request, but somebody ...
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Is hiding your face enough evidence for police to suspect a crime and require you to expose it?

england-and-wales scotland The street example could have been done under section 60AA Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994, Powers to require removal of disguises. A uniformed police officer may ...
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Does the NI Police have any powers in the Republic of Ireland?

There is no cross-border "hot pursuit" practice on the island, for readily understandable historical reasons. The PSNI's predecessor, the RUC, was particularly seen as an oppressive arm of ...
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Why do the police announce the time when they arrest somebody?

There are clear rules about the length of time a suspect can be held. The UK government says in Being arrested: your rights How long you can be held in custody The police can hold you for up to 24 ...
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