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To what extent can US police lie to a suspect?

united-states For the most part, U.S. police are allowed to lie to suspects to obtain information, even if they are not undercover. This goes pretty far although the exact boundaries are a matter of ...
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To what extent can US police lie to a suspect?

canada Any confession made subsequent to those lies is at risk of being inadmissible. However, no particular lie, taken out of context, necessarily leads to a confession being rendered inadmissible. ...
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Sexually assaulted with a firearm by chicago police

No longer An officer putting a gun in someone's mouth while in uniform is a rather classic 42 USC 1983 claim for violating your clearly established rights. In this case, putting a gun in your mouth is ...
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How would police proceed if arrestee is injured?

This depends, like so many legal questions, on where it happens. In most countries, the police would be obliged to call an ambulance. The dispatcher would then make the decision if a helicopter is ...
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