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Is it correct to say that the laws stating checking without grounds is illegal, pragmatically, are just rendered meaningless by how any officer perceives the notion of "ground" or can samely make up a new one? Whether that is correct or not entirely depends on the ability to get the officer's actions judicially reviewed. This depends on the ...


The recent ruling of Jennings v. Rodriguez gives some clues. Rodriguez was detained for deportation, and sued, alleging entitlement to a bond hearing. His legal team constructed a theory that there was a 6 month limit on detentions. The lower court agreed, and (as reported in the SCOTUS ruling) Relying heavily on the canon of constitutional avoidance, the ...


The thought process to establish what is reasonable could differ from case to case, but generally, it is based on the conduct or suspected conduct of the detainee. The officer may detain the defendant long enough to conduct a short investigation as long as he is justified and has reason to suspect the offense has taken place. The specific time is not always ...


If the man did something illegal, you contact police. If they won't do anything you talk to the prosecutor.

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