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Florida Photography Privacy Law: Company Employee Taking Pictures of Me Without My Consent

Is there any grounds for me to sue the hotel? No. You don't have a right to not have pictures of you without your consent under Florida law or federal law, when someone can view you with their own ...
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Is a name of person in an blog interview personal identifiable information that requires author disclosure in privacy policy?

An interviewee's name falls under right-of-publicity If you have a right to publicity or not depends heavily on the jurisdiction. Typically, an Interview is covered by those rights, and not by gdpr. ...
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Is information personal if it can only identify a person in concert with other information?

Revisiting this question to document my own research, I still believe the answer is "no." If it were "yes", it would allow reductio ad absurdum where the smallest bit of data about ...
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Common reporting standard

It goes to the signatory countries you are a tax resident of Your tax residency is self-reported under the due diligence procedures of, in your case, Belgium. The fact that you used an Italian ID to ...
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