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Is it legal to store gold at home in the USA?

Private ownership of gold has been legal in the US since the passage of Pub. L 93-373, which repealed the prohibition of private ownership of gold. You may therefore store it wherever you want. There ...
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Can you operate a liquor service outside a prohibited area and make deliveries into the prohibited area?

Generally speaking, I think the answer is no. As my answer will explain, the acts of sale and delivery require a licence, but Prohibition prevents licences from working in the "holdouts." ...
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Is it legal to drink alcohol in public in Penn Station, New York?

The signs are correct as to the letter of the law. Here's the statute. Your question is a good example of where an officer's "discretion" can be applied selectively. The police do not have ...
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Has the Volstead Act been repealed?

The Volstead Act was partially repealed by the 74th Congress: "Titles I and II of the National Prohibition Act...are hereby repealed". You can see the relevant law passed in 1935 via these links. ...
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