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If you can’t have a dog, you don’t have a lease Your offer was conditional on your being allowed a dog and it was accepted on that basis. If something (landlord, owner’s corporation, council etc.) prevents you having a dog then your condition has not been satisfied and you have no contract.


Hi as you already know landlords are legally required by law to provide an address in the UK. It does not have to be the private address of the landlord. The landlord can opt to use the letting agent, accountants address. For section 8 Notice no rent is payable until such time the landlord is compliant under section 48 of the 1987 Act. However for the ...


Should I file a small claim lawsuit with help of a lawyer? You did not specify your jurisdiction, but many jurisdictions in the US do not allow parties to be represented by a lawyer in Small Claims Court. This constrains the assistance you can get from some lawyer. Something to bear in mind is the difficulty of quantifying the award to which you would be ...


Is there any recourse for a renter to avoid the overcharge caused by a clerical error? Probably not. Also, I am skeptical that it is a true clerical error as opposed to a bad policy due to a decision made by the developer who may not have been able to get the city to provide individual taps to each residence. If and when this situation is resolved and the ...

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