Can a court order a large asset to be sold if the defendent lost the case on a relatively small amount? Say a defendent owns land worth $200,000. The defendant lost the case and has to pay $9,000. He does not have any money to pay. Could courts order the land to be sold? In most U.S. law jurisdictions, yes, a high value assets can be ordered sold to satisfy ...


Jurisdiction: australia No Land can only be seized to pay a judgement debt if the amount is more than $10,000. Personal property - jewellery, furniture, cars, boats etc. can be seized.


The judgement is an asset of the estate The executor can approach the court to have it enforced until the estate is would up. As an asset, it must be dealt with in accordance with the will and bequeathed as instructed. This will involve approaching the court and having the judgement debt transferred to the relevant beneficiaries or keeping the estate active ...

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