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Does Fluff Busting Purity violate Facebook's terms of service?

It is not obvious that it violates the TOS (which is a complex wall of text and links to chase). §3 states that "we need you to make the following commitments", followed by some subsections –...
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Suit for excessive moderarion

First of all, "site policies" need not be contained in a single document such as a "TOS" or "Policies" document. Whatever a sire operator chooses to announce as site ...
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Suit for excessive moderarion

No. The site would not be liable for irrational and idiotic behavior, because irrationality and idiocy remain quite legal.
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Anonymously forwarding emails

It would only seem the intent of falsely generating traffic to your website is to sell a false representation of your websites popularity. Therefore defrauding your client. Not a sensible thing to do. ...
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