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Does a YouTuber have any copyrights over a mirrored video?

First of all, taking a video made by someone else, making alterations and then distributing the resulting work is probably already a copyright violation. There are exemptions like fair use (check the ...
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Would it be theoretically possible to design a 100% legal ransomware where the user voluntarily chooses to encrypt their files and pay to decrypt them

It is not necessary to design anything (program design is outside the scope of Law SE, anyhow). It is legal to pay a person to encrypt your drive with BitLocker. It is legal to instruct them, as part ...
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Ship of Theseus paradox for developers

It really comes down to the licensing of the code, the context of what you built, how you built it and when something is built. Think about it like this. If you used your previous jobs resources (like ...
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