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What (new) legal principles can guide the necessary changes in social-economic (tax, social, labour) law due to AI transformation of economy and work?

A google scholar search brought up this collection of papers - A History of AI and Law in 50 papers: 25 Years of the International Conference on AI and Law A link to the document that is not paywalled ...
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Online sales tax assessment and enforcement in the USA

united-states This answer is limited to a couple of the subquestions that I address in more depth than some of the other answers. I do not try to answer all of the subquestions. Why is it common and ...
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Can a judge throw out a case where no material harm has occurred?

Many offences do not have material harm or financial injury to the state as an element of the offence (possession offences — of firearms or drugs or burglary devices, attempts, operating an aircraft ...
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