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(This post is only to provide a general definition of the word. I am not telling you how to interpret the contract; you should consult a lawyer for that.) "Gratis" means, as in the link you posted, "without reward or consideration". It's basically a synonym for "free of charge". "On a gratis basis" is just a longer way of saying the same thing. The ...


One widely-used book on the topic is Brown's Boundary Control and Legal Principles. I have the 4th edition published in 1995, and the relevant chapter is 8, "Locating Easements and Reversions". The law varies from state to state. In New England, it is likely for interstate, US, and state highways, the state will own the roadbed in fee. Smaller roads are ...


A rule of construction is a methodology or procedure for resolving ambiguities in a contract or statute.


I wrote this answer before the OP added the U.S. tag. Thus this answer doesn't apply any more. I'll dilate on Dale M's comment that's alluding to the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999. I'll quote England textbooks that present it better than I can. Richard and Damian Taylor. Contract Law Directions (2019 7 ed). p 82. Poole, Shaw-Mellors. ...

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