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The landlord cannot terminate the lease before the end of the current lease period (the month, on whatever day is the anniversary of starting the lease), since this was not a condition of the lease. You have been notified of this new term, so starting with the next month, it is part of the conditions constituting the lease, whether you sign or not. (However, ...


I can't stress this enough: Document everything as it seems like the management are building a case against her by "Moving the Goal Posts" i.e. the don't do this thing/do the thing we told you not to do. Your wife needs to get copies of every e-mail exchanged with her and the bosses, as well as any e-mails between co-workers that are relevant as well as ...


So, it appears that now that they know she's pregnant and will in some months be causing a serious financial drain on the company due to maternity leave and them either having to find a temporary replacement or miss out on her production, they're looking for excuses to terminate her on some other ground that is actually legal ground for termination that ...


Simply ask the judge "what's the nature and cause of the accusation" meaning if you haven't harmed anyone, there is no crime. There are Three parts to an action against a person 1. There must be a claim entered. 2. There must be an injured party. 3. There must be an affidavit from the injured party.

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