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Is it legal to count garage as living space

Each jurisdiction will define what is a living space and what is a bedroom, etc... Here if Florida, a bedroom must have a window and a closet in order to be defined as such. While I am unclear of ...
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Looking up a Texas land title case from 1901

Some of the court minutes and records from Parker County, Texas, have been digitized and placed online at FamilySearch, a genealogy site provided by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ...
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Criminal record expungement in Texas

I wanted to add to my preceding post concerning background checks and expunged or sealed records. Data brokers are great when collecting records from the courts, but rarely go back to determine if a ...
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Looking up a Texas land title case from 1901

The Texas State Library and Archives Commission indicates on this page that the records you seek may be stored on microfilm at the University of Texas -- Arlington. The case number would be on: Reel ...
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Looking up a Texas land title case from 1901

How may I go about getting this case? UPDATE: Glad to see that others have found the data. Best of luck! The Final Decree Is Probably Easy To Obtain The final decree is the case is probably recorded ...
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What state does a web hosting service get sued in?

Is that text binding since the service was paid for, used, and taxed in Washington State? Most likely. Does it matter that the web hosting service uses a mailing address in Arkansas? Not really. ...
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