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In the U.S., most police officers are trained to assist in the birth of a child on scene and incidents of pulling over a worried new parents who are speeding to a hospital (in addition to having the ability to contact dispatch and have EMS sent out to the scene). It's not an uncommon occurence on American News for a story about a heroic cop who was able to ...


Your friend can get into a lot of trouble for this. Those stickers were given to you for renewing your registration. The stickers are meant to be a quick way for police to tell whether your license plates are still valid, but applying them does not make the plates valid - they are only stickers that have no legal meaning as standalone devices. You still need ...


It's technically not what you are supposed to do as you know. He would likely be given a ticket if someone really checked into it. It can be hard to say without knowing what state you are from.


The route described is probably in violation of Section 22100 of the vehicle code: Except as provided in Section 22100.5 or 22101, the driver of any vehicle intending to turn upon a highway shall do so as follows: (a) Right Turns. Both the approach for a right-hand turn and a right-hand turn shall be made as close as practicable to the right-hand curb ...


No, of course you can not veer into another street to make a turn. You stay within your lane or lanes, if you want to phrase it that way. https://www.dmv.ca.gov/portal/dmv/detail/pubs/hdbk/turns

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