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Landlord gives 4 months notice to the rental agency which fails to give notice to the tenants

If you were given a non compliant notice, you haven’t been given notice You can stay as long as you like or for 4 months after they give you the correct notice. The landlord’s legal obligation was to ...
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Is it legal for a company to offer free coding courses to women only?

Yes, it's legal. It would be lawful discrimination on objectively and reasonably justified grounds Here's why: On the face of it, this is a case of direct discrimination contrary to Section 13 of the ...
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Can a law protect itself?

No Parliament is sovereign: Parliamentary sovereignty is a principle of the UK constitution. It makes Parliament the supreme legal authority in the UK, which can create or end any law. Generally, ...
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At what point can you walk out of a restaurant if they make you wait to pay the bill?

at what point can you just leave? Is it always technically illegal in the UK to leave without paying the bill? Probably depends on what you mean with just leaving. If just leaving translates I haven'...
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If I buy a stolen item from party A, and then party A spends the proceeds, who is entitled to the item?

The "original" owner remains the only legal one. Party A goes to jail. You get entitled to recover the money from A (unless you knew that the item was stolen — in which case the money will ...
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Is it legal for a company to claim 'our phones lines are unusually busy' all day every day?

This week's weekly email from MoneySavingExpert (a UK 'consumer champion' organisation) includes this item (my emphasis): Please report "sorry, we are experiencing unusually high call volumes&...
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Is it stealing if three books are allowed to be taken for free and I take more?

This has been prosecuted criminally, in the scenario of people taking a huge pile of "free" newspapers to sell for recycling. See coverage in the Independent from 16 February 2019. Some ...
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Pregnant spouse slipped abortion pills unknowingly. What would the legal ramifications be?

Although abortion is legal in the US, not everyone is allowed to perform an abortion. In Washington, the law allows a physician to terminate a pregnancy, and recognizes a woman's right to choose to ...
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Why doesn't everyone in UK just pay with exempted gifts?

In short, because the government is not required to honor your characterization of the transaction. A gift is something given without receiving anything in exchange. In almost all taxable contexts ...
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Is the EU Settlement Scheme legal?

Isn’t this discrimination since nationals do not have to apply? Yes it is discrimination. But that does not make it illegal. In fact discrimination is in general legal unless it is based on some ...
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Can a computer be guilty of insider trading?

The Bot is a means to trade. Just like a telephone to call a broker or a fax to the bank or an app where you click on "buy now". Means cannot be "guilty" of anything. It's just ...
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Does GDPR include UK customers, or not anymore?

GDPR will continue to apply to UK customers directly until the end of the transition period (31 December 2020): So, while the UK will no longer have any voting rights, it will need to follow EU ...
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Can women also go shirtless in public legally?

In April 2017, a US District court on Colorado ruled that a law prohibiting women from exposing their breasts in public was an unconstitutional discrimination against women. The law was ordinance 134 ...
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When speaking to a judge in court, what do barristers mean by "May I take instructions?"

Lawyers cannot act for their client without instructions. "May I take instructions" is a request by the barrister to have a conversation in confidence with their client about what to do next ...
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Is releasing this company's documents illegal?

Given the clarification provided in the comments to the question, the company has a copyright in the material and as such is legally entitled to demand that you cease using it.
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Could a British monarch "go full dictator" if they wish to do so?

Parliamentary Supremacy was established by the Glorious Revolution of 1688 in which James II & VII was deposed by Parliament, and the line of succession was changed by Act of Parliament to favor ...
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Can a soldier refuse to carry a weapon?

Under US Army Regulation 601-210 as of 2016, conscientious objection will normally disqualify someone applying to enlist, but the disqualification can be waived. Under Army Regulation 600-43, if they ...
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Is this "Bait-And-Switch" defence possible?

Police continue to investigate Following an acquittal, there are two possible positions for the police: they are certain the acquitted person performed the act but they were not guilty (for all sorts ...
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Is it an offence to photograph a seahorse?

The Seahorse Trust states on their conservation page In 2008 both British species of seahorse became protected as named species under the Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981). . . Another achievement, ...
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Is it legal for a business to refuse service to a former customer in retribution for them leaving negative online reviews of the business?

A business owner can normally refuse service for any reason unless anti-discrimination law, or some other specific law, applies. "Critic of the business" is not a protected class. Whether a ...
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Can Prince Harry wear the uniforms of his former units?

By Army regulations, no, he's not allowed to wear that uniform. Prince Harry technically isn't a "retired officer". Rather, he resigned his commission in the Army, effective 19 June 2015. ...
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Why can the UK's Competition and Markets Authority tell Facebook to sell Giphy?

My understanding is such: It doesn't matter where the company is incorporated (e.g. incorporated in the US = "American company"). It matters where the company does business. Companies must ...
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Motorcycle price dropped less than a year after purchase. Can I get a refund?

You paid a higher amount so you got to drive the latest model for a year. I can buy a lower amount right now, but I only get to drive last year's model. Or I can pay a higher amount to drive the ...
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Landlord wants access to CCTV footage after we leave and possibly in realtime while we live there

This article basically says "it depends": If it is genuinely used to improve tenant safety then that is OK, but if it is used to track your private life then that is not acceptable. ...
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If applied in the United States, what is the most obvious legally functional difference between the British and American "mirandizing" phrase?

So the most obvious is that the U.S. Miranda Rights specifically mention right to legal counsel and right to state provided legal counsel (Public Defenders) if you cannot afford legal counsel (...
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Is it against the law to deny service based on (young) age?

I’ve managed to answer my own question. Age discrimination legislation only applies to over 18s: It’s only discrimination if a trader or service provider treats you unfairly because of: age - if you’...
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Could I write a "Parry Hotter" novel?

Using the setting and characters of an existing and current book would probably, indeed almost surely, make it a derivative work. Creating a derivative work from a work protected by copyright requires ...
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