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UK Law - Legal consequences of marriage/divorce

Short Answer Is there a comprehensive list of rights that partners with children gain when they get married (or lose when they get divorced)? No. There are lots, and lot, and lots of things in the ...
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Could Julian Assange have elected for the portions of his extradition proceedings conducted at Westminster magistrates to have been in crown court?

Extradition is a special procedure that is tightly governed by statute - currently the Extradition Act 2003. That Act provides that, for extradition from England (as opposed to Scotland, etc.) to the ...
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Is there any statutory timeframe for how long one may be forced to wait for a Care Act 2014 need assessment?

The legal basis for damages would stem from the local authority's duties under Part VII of the Homeless Act 1996, common law duties of care, and obligations under Article 8 of the European Convention ...
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