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Is it legal in the UK to lie and provide fake documents to get past AML checks?

As noted by Lag in the comments, this is in fact fraud by false representation. The statute states: Fraud by false representation (1) A person is in breach of this section if he— (a) dishonestly ...
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Pressing charges for an unlawful car seizure

can I use call/voice recordings as evidence in UK courts? Yes. At least at evidentiary hearings. In pre-hearing motions, you may need to have a transcript prepared and authenticated.
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Could my son get in legal trouble for a poor taste joke he made on social media?

Free speech protections in the U.K. are much weaker than those in the U.S. in many key respects. The kind of comment mentioned might give rise to legal action in the U.K., either civil or criminal (...
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Is a private individual shopping for personal goods from companies "non-commercial"?

Yes and no Yes, it is a non-commercial activity for Alice. No, it is a commercial activity for Bob Inc. and Charlie Corp.
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