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The first question would be whether those papers are indeed "legit", and we don't do product reviews. Assuming the company didn't mess up and she was legally served, the next question would be whether she responded (in the legal sense) or not. If she failed to respond at all within 21 days (add 9 days if she is out of state), then your next step would be to ...


NO In most cases there is no tax owed by the beneficiary and it has, in any case, nothing to do with the estate.


Yes, the mother inherits the estate Note that the estate is not "everything".


Apparently the executor needs to list all insurance proceeds on an IRS form. But it is only part of the taxable estate if it pays to the estate or u see a complicated second case “Insurance receivable by beneficiaries other than the estate. Include on Schedule D the proceeds of all insurance on the life of the decedent not receivable by, or for the benefit ...


Utah law regarding mobile home park tenancies is here. 57-16-4(1) says that A mobile home park or its agents may not terminate a lease or rental agreement upon any ground other than as specified in this chapter. 57-16-4.1 spells out the "meeting" requirements regarding dispute-resolution, that is, a landlord can't just boot you out. If a mobile ...


I do not agree with a sealed record is not sealed from law enforcement. Put simply, if a record is sealed it is sealed. Specifically, when a record is sealed a right to privacy attaches. See, Gonzalez v. Spencer, 336 F.3d 832 (9th Cir.), cert. denied 157 L.Ed.2d 253, 124 S.Ct. 334 (2003) (attorney and law firm liable for accessing sealed case file without ...

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