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What happens if someone requests asylum in Vatican City?

Dale's answer is correct in theory, but in practice, it depends. If the refugee is specifically claiming that they are subject to persecution by Italy, then the principle of non-refoulement prohibits ...
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What happens if someone requests asylum in Vatican City?

The claim would be processed according to domestic (Vatican City) law and international convention The Vatican City is not a "highly unusual country" in any legal sense. Yes, it's an ...
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Why was Ağca tried and imprisoned in Italy?

Because, although the Vatican does have its own laws, it does not make any economic sense to have a full enforcement system. Most of the crime is pickpockets on the public square. Italy already has a ...
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Does selling a sculpture based on a copyrighted painting violate that painting's copyright?

"The Holy See owns all copyrights in the works published under its name or created on its commission (art. 5)." Since this painting was commissioned by the Vatican for the Sistine Chapel, ...
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Where to find the Vatican copyright law?

This is the law. I cannot find an official Vatican website with this document, but WIPO would not lie.
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