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I am not knowledgeable of the Canadian judicial system(s) and I can only speak based on my litigation experience in the US. It seems very unlikely to me that court filings for the type of claim(s) you are pursuing are confidential or sealed. Thus, other than an actual knowledge of Canadian laws indicating the contrary, presenting them the document(s) is ...


Judging from your question, you are most likely referring to putting written questions to an expert witness who has given an expert report. (This would be the only time you would be putting written questions to an expert, if an expert is giving oral evidence there would be no written questions involved, your counsel would be asking questions orally). Please ...


How can a person with a similar experience with the defendant, help the plaintiff in a lawsuit? You may bring Joe as witness or present some sworn testimony from him. That could be in the form of affidavit, deposition transcript, or by testifying in court. In what way can I use Joe's story? Joe's testimony will be relevant to the extent that it proves ...


You and Joe could sue the landlord together, each claiming their own. Or you could call Joe as a witness. The court might be unwilling to admit Joe's testimony as it does not directly relate to your claim, but it's worth trying.

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