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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

× 158
For questions related to the laws designed to protect consumers from fraudulent or unfair business practices.
× 155
Leases for residential living purposes.
× 154
Questions specific to England and Wales
× 153
An exception to the limitations that can be imposed by a copyright owner. A similar concept in the U.K. is called "fair dealing."
× 148
The U.S. state. For questions pertaining only to the city use the new-york-city tag.
× 145
For questions about a landlord's duties and responsibilities, within the capacity of a tenant-landlord relationship.
× 143
Questions specific to the State and laws of Texas.
× 128
Questions specific to Australia. For many questions, specifying the state will be required as legislation can be state-specific (notably criminal law).
× 127
For questions about open source software, which is licensed under an open source license. Generally, the source code is made available, and it provides a set of terms to allow others to use it. You ma…
× 121
Coverage by contract whereby one party undertakes to indemnify or guarantee another against loss by a specified contingency or peril
× 120
For questions relating to the rules and procedures courts follow in civil cases.
× 118
For questions concerning evidence - including the handling of evidence, rejection or admittance of evidence in a court of law, and serving evidence in civil matters.
× 113
the favourable or unfavourable treatment of a person or thing based on criteria other than individual merit - for example, gender, race, or other categories the person or thing belon…
× 110
For questions specific to Indian law.
× 108
For questions dealing with medical and healthcare law, such as informed consent, malpractice, and prescription or other medicine.
× 107
For questions specifically related to the operation of a vehicle on the road. Consider also traffic, vehicle, and speeding.
× 106
For questions concerning whether a body has the power to make a legal decision on a particular matter.
× 106
Use this where a vehicle - for example, cars, trains, planes, boats - is essential to the question. Avoid using this just because a vehicle is involved.
× 105
concerning law regarding the contracting, payment, and collection of rent between a tenant and a landlord.
× 105
Law regarding domestic matters, such as the relationship of spouses, or between parents and children.
× 104
Questions involving fungible assets -- especially securities and loans (mortgages, debts, etc.).
× 99
For questions regarding the Creative Commons suite of copyright licenses, created by the organization of the same name.
× 98
Laws and rights associated with schools, teachers, students, and the provision of and payment for educational services.
× 96
For questions regarding English common law, or legal systems based on judge-made law descended from it.
× 94
For questions about criminal deprivation of property as well as property torts
× 91
Small Claims Court rules and procedures. Where they exist, Small Claims Courts typically only have jurisdiction over minor civil matters – e.g., claims under $25,000.
× 90
a state in the southeast United States
× 88
for questions related to the law for minors, i.e. persons who have not reached the age of majority (usually 16, 18, or 21 years).
× 88
Questions about ownership of property. More specific tags include real-estate, intellectual-property, common-property, community-property. More general tags include property.
× 88
For questions about laws applying to musical works, recording and performance.
× 86
For questions regarding legally authorized search and seizure of private property
× 83
Questions on use and classification of intellectual-property as "public domain"
× 82
Tortious damage to a reputation. When the defamation is specifically written use "libel"; use "slander" when it is specifically spoken.