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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

× 82
For questions about lawyers and the licensed practice of the legal profession.
× 81
The buying and selling of goods and services
× 80
Legal dissolution of a marriage
× 80
Questions relating to the practice of medicine or provision of healthcare
× 78
For questions relating specifically to Massachusetts law.
× 77
Please avoid using this tag.
× 76
Rules of practice and procedure in a court of law. Related tags: process, civil-procedure
× 76
For questions specific to French law
× 75
The right to communicate without fear of government sanction or censorship. While this right is implied in some countries, it may not be explicit in all of them. For the U.S. see also "first-amendmen…
× 72
A panel of "peers" (often of 12) selected from the citizenry that acts as a "trier of fact" in a court case.
× 71
For questions about groups in the workforce. Consider [employment] for questions concerning individuals in the workplace.
× 71
For questions related to how and why law has evolved over time.
× 70
Non-normative tag for questions relating to the use of information technology, typically in unintended manners.
× 70
regarding the losses (and the calculation thereof) suffered by a victim of a tortious action or omission
× 70
a civil wrong that does not rise to the level of a criminal act.
× 70
Video and/or audio recording. For eavesdropping on telecommunications specifically use the "wiretapping" tag.
× 69
Regarding "membership" among a country's "nationals," with rights and privileges bestowed upon them according to that country's laws, such as voting and other similar rights.
× 69
For questions related to the Supreme Court of the United States of America.
× 68
Questions involving children, typically in relation to family-law. For questions about legal rights and responsibilities of young humans consider using tag "minor" instead.
× 67
typically used to refer to rules and administrative codes issued by governmental agencies at all levels, municipal, county, state and federal. Although they are not laws, regula…
× 61
First amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Related tags: "freedom-of-speech".
× 58
For questions about the origins and meaning of specific legal terms.
× 57
for questions relating to the custody, transfer, and management of money by banks.
× 57
For questions about methods and sources for determining what the law is, or to find support for a legal argument.
× 56
Legal allowance to use force to protect one's self. May encompass rights to use force to protect one's property or the person or property of others.
× 56
For questions about Pennsylvania state law, or pertaining situations taking place in Pennsylvania (a state in the USA).
× 55
Liability or obligation to pay or render something to another