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Java EE engineer. I started developing PHP web applications in 2003. I found that I like the enterprise challenges and decided to complete my Bachelors degree in 2010. Then pursue a career in enterprise engineering. Now I work at Novell.

I'm a firm believer is using the right tool for the right job. Some of my favorite authors are Steve McConnell, Adam Bien, Martin Fowler, and Jeff Atwood.

I'm a Linux user and have a fair amount of experience in system administration but have chosen not to focus on that area. I wouldn't want to become a "Jack of all trades, master of none"

I have a simple policy for asking a question. When I run into an issue, I try to find a solution for about half an hour. If I can't find anything, then I'll start to ask a question. Often, stackoverflow's system will find "related" questions and I find my answer from those about 2/3rd of the time.

I very much appreciate other people's help when I have issues. I take constructive criticism very well. If I post a question that is ambiguous, difficult to understand or includes bad grammar don't hesitate to inform me.

Above all, I want to be one of the best software engineers and StackExchange will be an imperative part of that.

Thank you everyone for making the stackExchange network so wonderful.

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