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I'm from Thrace.özcan-a2259b19b/

Currently developing Android projects with Jetpack Compose. I developed many apps in the past with Sensors, Location, Canvas, Bluetooth LE, LibGDX, Camera, WebRTC and messaging, and other Android tech stack.

This is my Jetpack Compose Tutorial that covers

Material Widgets, Layout, SubcomposeLayout, custom layouts, State, custom rememberable, recomposition, LaunchedEffect, side-effects, Gesture, Animation, Navigation, Canvas, UIs like whatsapp and others.

And i have some libraries written with Jetpack Compose including

Image libraries with Jetpack Compose

Colorful Sliders With Jetpack Compose

Collection of Cool Color Pickers with Jetpack Compose

Color Detector with Jetpack Compose

Extended gestures for OnTouchEvent and extended transform gestures

Chat Layout that assigns position of message and status based on message lines and length and resizes children based on longest sibling like whatsapp

You can contact me via [email protected]

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