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Is there any (which?) English speaking jurisdiction that uses a civil (continental) law system?
6 votes

Malta has two official languages, one of which is English (the other is of course Maltese), and its legal system is based on a mixture of common law and civil law. I don’t know in which language its ...

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Does any legislature purport to legislate for everybody?
1 votes

The United States of America. For example the Iran and Libya Sanctions Act attempted to prohibit non-US companies from doing business with those countries, and imposed penalties for non-compliant ...

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Is there an EU regulation mandating companies' IT equipment to be changed every three months?
8 votes

My suspicion is that this is a complete misinterpretation of the Payment Card Industry (PCI) (not EU) security standards that are mandatory (by contract not by statute) for anyone handling payment ...

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Under GDPR, can I request to be forgotten and re-register for a trial?
2 votes

Even if you do have the right to have your data deleted, that doesn’t mean you can get away with your plan. They can keep a hash of the information you provided, which isn’t personal data since it can’...

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I don't like the payment methods offered by my landlord. Do I still have to pay rent?
Accepted answer
28 votes

This situation is exactly why we have the concept of legal tender. Legal tender is a form of payment that must be accepted to settle a debt. Your friend is entitled to insist on paying the rent in ...

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Is urban exploration legal? Even if so, should I do it?
16 votes

In the UK, trespass (except in places like nuclear plants and railway lines) is a civil offence not a criminal offence, and so you can only be sued for compensation for any costs the landowner ...

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