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30 votes

Does the Satanic Temples new abortion 'ritual' allow abortions under religious freedom?

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Do weekend days count as part of a vacation?

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Why would Twitter not be able to flag / annotate / censor any content it sees fit?

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Why do unitary states have constitutional rights?

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What is the purpose of a disclaimer like "this is not legal advice"?

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Is it false advertising to call a closed-source program "open"?

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Under GDPR, can I give permission once to allow everyone to store and process my data?

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Can someone legally require you to pay them back after passing on a discount?

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ISP is not hashing the password I log in with online. Should I take any action?

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What prevents laws from being interpreted pedantically?

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Why is the defendant presumed guilty in traffic court?

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Can someone summarize the ruling in Texas Mifepristone ruling?

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Why prosecute Kyle Rittenhouse if there is no real chance of a guilty verdict?

-1 votes

Is a company liable if someone leaves their bank logged in on a company PC?