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Ramifications of Texas' election lawsuit
8 votes

Is there a possibility that all the potential suits and countersuits could result in forcing a nationally-uniform set of voting laws No. Article 2 of the US Constitution explicitly states that state ...

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Why does assault sideline "imminent fear of harm in the future", and require merely "fear of imminent harm"?
5 votes

Assault is defined as "putting someone in fear of imminent harm". Imminent means "about to happen". "fear of imminent harm" means the harm is about to happen (very soon) ...

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Can a US company ask prospective American employees, contractors or partners about their country of birth?
1 votes

If you look under Help/Policies/Program Policies/Countries accepted for seller registration, both Russia and Azerbaijan are included, so you can reside there and sell in the US. Iran and North Korea ...

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Has a pedestrian ever been fined for not wearing a mask in California?
Accepted answer
0 votes

Despite the statewide mask order and local mask mandates, I do not believe that people are actually getting fined, or at least I could not find any evidence of it. On the contrary, even in San ...

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