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An experienced educator and international business executive with expertise and a successful track record in the areas of business growth and recovery, technology leadership, mergers and acquisition, and international expansion. My passions include mathematics, writing, blogging, lecturing, antennas, transmission lines, digital design, software, energy scavenging, IIoT, law, and regulatory issues.

I am proud to have lead several talented engineering teams (engineers, programmers, and technicians) that have produced some highly innovative and successful product lines. I hold US and international patents/patents pending in the areas of antennas, cryptography and asset management as a result of the efforts of these teams.

I have sat in many chairs during my career including college instructor, senior reliability engineer, engineering manager, sales director, division director, general manager, vice president of engineering, managing director, and president. Currently I am enjoying my role as president of an electronic technology based firm.

My career has me traveling the world and I enjoy the many cultures, foods, and business aspects of my travels. My passport gets renewed because my double jumbo version has run out of pages for visas or entry stamps, rather than due to expiration. I have lived as an expat in the UK and more recently, Germany.

An amateur radio operator since 7th grade now holding the highest class license available from the FCC and a commercial FCC license holder with ship radar endorsement since freshman year in college.

I welcome opportunities to serve in a professional consulting or design capacity. You may reach me via [email protected].

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