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Eli Klein works as a contracted statistical analyst for a Fortune 100 engineering company. He holds a Masters of Engineering in Systems Engineering from the University of Virginia, and a Bachelors of Science in Mathematics with a minor in Physics from James Madison University.

He believes that the ability to combine computer based simulation modeling with data analysis helps drive policy decisions and business needs, and that his skills and the work he puts into honing them makes him well placed to be able to assist his customer directly increase performance.

He is committed to continuous improvement and lifelong learning, whether by perusing and obtaining higher education, participating in many communities at StackOverflow, reading books and blogs about programming and data analysis, and taking free online courses in those same fields.

Eli strongly believes that people in technical fields should hold to a code of ethics, especially in what they produce and how it benefits society. He upholds that ideal by striving to improve society's well being. He is committed to guarding against unintended consequences by considering all the stakeholders, the life cycle of the project, performing risk analysis, and performing through testing to minimize errors. And he is careful to consider his impact on the social structure of the workplace and society, seeking to improve and make it welcoming.

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