Jorge de los Santos

I love technology, research and innovation, I'm a proactive self learner that always deliver more than expected. I was able to pave my way into software development in a short period and with 5+ years of experience I consider myself proficient in many areas. From AWS management to Frontend Development I'm a team player that can help anyone in the process. I am an ongoing student, self learner, that loves challenges and who choses to learn from any experience, and also share his knowledge. I'm a big fan of the hacker movement, open source software, networking, distributed computing and artificial intelligence.

I'm proficient with Ruby and Javascript as main languages, I know what an ORM means, and also enough SQL to build one myself. I can learn new languages, frameworks and platforms fast, I had some fun with C# in Unity and Python and Django. As someone I respect said: "Programming languages are like spoken languages, they are useless unless you know what to say." Meaning I should be able to adapt to any new technology without problems if I have enough time, you just need to provide me with a funny project and some challenging tasks and I will achieve them.

Quote I love: You give me an axe, a tree and 6 hours to chop the tree down, and I will spend 5 hours sharpening the axe and 30 minutes cutting the tree.

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