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2 votes

Is Facebook a monopoly?

3 votes

Is there any way to legally sleep in your car while drunk?

17 votes

Is "legalese" a thing in languages other than English?

12 votes

Is it considered a breach of confidentiality if data is uploaded to a website which only makes that data available to the uploader?

8 votes

Flashing the emergency lights at a vehicle to dim the headlights

40 votes

Is it true that men are forced to pay child support for children they didn't consent to have?

7 votes

Does Bob have a case if he ends up paying child support due to Alice's deceit?

11 votes

2022: Is Ukraine at war with Russia?

2 votes

Can bills (the documents of laws/legislation) have pictures? Or text only? Can images become part of the legal code?

17 votes

Why is the defendant presumed guilty in traffic court?

-2 votes

Why is murder considered a more serious crime than attempted murder?

7 votes

Is there an EU regulation mandating companies' IT equipment to be changed every three months?

-4 votes

Does GDPR include UK customers, or not anymore?