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2 votes

Is Facebook a monopoly?

3 votes

Is there any way to legally sleep in your car while drunk?

17 votes

Is "legalese" a thing in languages other than English?

12 votes

Is it considered a breach of confidentiality if data is uploaded to a website which only makes that data available to the uploader?

8 votes

Flashing the emergency lights at a vehicle to dim the headlights

7 votes

Does Bob have a case if he ends up paying child support due to Alice's deceit?

40 votes

Is it true that men are forced to pay child support for children they didn't consent to have?

11 votes

2022: Is Ukraine at war with Russia?

2 votes

Can bills (the documents of laws/legislation) have pictures? Or text only? Can images become part of the legal code?

17 votes

Why is the defendant presumed guilty in traffic court?

-2 votes

Why is murder considered a more serious crime than attempted murder?

7 votes

Is there an EU regulation mandating companies' IT equipment to be changed every three months?

-4 votes

Does GDPR include UK customers, or not anymore?