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Improper use of work references by landlord
4 votes

The Immigration Act 2016 introduced the so-called 'right to rent' provisions under which a landlord can be prosecuted for renting accommodation to someone who is not legally in the UK. Everyone in the ...

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Visa application refused in Germany
2 votes

You were refused entry at a Schengen border control point because you intended to work but did not have the proper documentation to work. In order to work in the EEA you need to be an EEA national or ...

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Tier 2 Visa to Spouse Visa (UK) - claim income tax refund?
0 votes

Since my wife has been on her current visa (Tier 2 general) for its full duration (2 years), she could continue another 3 years and claim her passport. No, not exactly. A T2 can apply for ...

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How to freelance in the UK without violating the terms of my visa?
0 votes

I don't want to have any problems, so how can I freelance, for instance, and prove that I have worked not more than allowed? It's quite simple, you can observe the hours-per-week cap and further ...

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