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126 votes

Can a university legally enforce a policy preventing students from creating their own wireless networks?

119 votes

Why is stealing from an employer a criminal act when stealing from an employee is a civil act?

79 votes

Why are there no laws rewarding people

78 votes

Why are common people selected for jury duty?

78 votes

Landlord gives 4 months notice to the rental agency which fails to give notice to the tenants

76 votes

Is it legal for Microsoft to install software without user approval?

72 votes

Can a law protect itself?

69 votes

Is it legal for private citizens to "impound" e-scooters?

66 votes

Is it legal for voters to take age of candidate into consideration?

65 votes

Can a landlord fine me for a non-existent business being listed at my address on Google Maps

61 votes

What if a spacecraft lands on my property?

60 votes

Is the worst version of the accusations against President Trump impeachable?

59 votes

Elder relative unwilling to change will to reflect current wishes

57 votes

Would I have a reasonable cause of action to consider suing a science centre for violating disability rights law?

53 votes

Is it a real legal principle that any ambiguity in a contract is interpreted to the benefit of the side that did not write the contract?

53 votes

What motivated the Indian supreme court to legalize homosexuality?

51 votes

Is a debt canceled if the creditor refuses a settlement offer?

50 votes

If I'm the CEO and largest shareholder of a public company, would taking anything from my office be considered as a theft?

50 votes

Is this "Bait-And-Switch" defence possible?

48 votes

Does copyright law protect a translation of an ancient work from being translated into a third language?

48 votes

Why don't laws have examples?

47 votes

Can a legally sentenced but escaped offender be legally executed by a drone attack?

46 votes

Why do statutes of limitations exist?

44 votes

Bought a book that is in the public domain ... but the T&A of company says I can't redistribute it

43 votes

How can I get more than 10 years of transaction history from my bank?

43 votes

Difference between lotteries and events that involve randomness?

43 votes

University prohibits professors from testifying

41 votes

I am being threatened for defamation for sharing an article about an alleged scammer which was published in local news site

40 votes

Airport Security - advanced check, 4th amendment breach

40 votes

Can I use a product that already exists to make another product?

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