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Why can't federal courts issue advisory opinions?
Accepted answer
9 votes

Advisory opinions violate the separation-of-powers doctrine. The "case or controversy" clause helps enforce this separation. The judicial branch is responsible for resolving legal disputes by ...

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Does a no-refunds policy trump being sent the wrong item?
3 votes

Please note that I'm not a lawyer. If you need specific legal advice, please consult a qualified attorney. Every time someone buys an item from someone else, there's at least an implied contract of ...

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Why is the manufacturer of a wireless radio device responsible for preventing end-user modifications?
Accepted answer
1 votes

It is practically impossible to effectively enforce the radio regulations on every individual user, so it is necessary to have device manufacturers act as gatekeepers. Had the law been written to rely ...

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Is word "Times" in name of Newspapers trademarked or is it generic word?
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This is specific to the jurisdiction in question. In the UK, "The Times" is unambiguously understood to refer to the newspaper published in London; hence, the usage of "Times" by another newspaper in ...

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