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Noah Stride
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Hey! I’m Noah, a software engineer based in London. Outside of work, you can find me DJing, climbing or playing video games. I’m a huge music fiend and can almost always be found listening to music. In the winter, I’ll often be seen hitting the slopes.

I have a blog (that I sometimes update) at

👨‍💻 Work

I’m a product-focussed engineer on a mission to meet users’ needs - whether they be an internal team or a customer. You’ll find me happiest in a role which lets me engage with users and participate actively in the product process, and solve plenty of challenging technical problems!

I currently lead a team that builds products in the workload identity space (an emerging field that’s captured my heart), but over the past few years I’ve worked as a backend engineer and SRE at a variety of startups.

For all the details, check out my CV.

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