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23 votes

At what point does combining integrated circuits yield something patentable?

12 votes

Where in U.S. law is it officially argued that the U.S. criminal justice system presumes defendants commit crimes with free will?

10 votes

Is it bigamy to marry someone to whom you are already married?

9 votes

Are there any non-conventional sources of law?

8 votes

Can a bank sue someone that disseminates information that starts a bank run that destroys the bank?

7 votes

Is it legally possible to bring an untested vaccine to market (in USA)?

4 votes

In a civil trial, can a party “call” its opponent’s witnesses in making its case?

3 votes

Is it legal to write a software license if I'm not a licensed attorney?

1 vote

Can a software license validly restrict place of use, or impose restrictions on the type or purpose of use

1 vote

Can two people be tried together?

1 vote

Does attorney-client privilege apply when lawyers are fraudulent about credentials?

1 vote

Can a judge or prosecutor be compelled to testify in a criminal trial in which they officiated?

0 votes

"Murder laws are governed by the states, [not the federal government]." Is Vivek Ramaswamy right?