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Is it illegal to market a product as if it would protect against something, while never making explicit claims?
Accepted answer
27 votes

In the EU this could constitute a misleading advertisement under Article 3 of the Misleading and comparative advertising directive: In determining whether advertising is misleading, account shall be ...

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UK - Working without a contract. I resign and guy wants to sue me
6 votes

Don't bother spending your money on a lawyer: those threats sound like bluff. You can always hire one when your former employer brings you to court, which (taking into account the absurdity of his ...

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Is it legal to purposefully contract COVID-19?
5 votes

The legality will depend on what exactly you plan to do in order to contract the virus. If you plan to break into a hospital at night and steal virus samples, that will certainly be illegal. If you ...

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Can a tenant force their building management to let the tenant access their apartment's electricity meter?
4 votes

Normally, the person who uses the electricity and pays for it is the "customer", that's you, not your landlord nor the maintenance company. Check out section 6.3.3 (A) of the MOCOPA ...

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Can satellite images be copyrighted?
3 votes

Regardless of the status of the original raw photos (which Google doesn't release, and those status may depend on the country), the images available online are copyrightable for the same reasons that ...

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Using Tinder photos for machine learning
2 votes

Downloading photos will indeed be against the ToS, however note that: A violation of the ToS is not necessarily a violation of the law Crawling of publicly available information is legal in general (...

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Is it legal to point a domain to someone else's ip (website)?
1 votes

Technical details aside (you won't be able to do this; any remotely modern web server stack requires you to specify the domain names it will work with), if you do this with a website which is normally ...

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What actions can I take for discriminating against me (a right wing conservative) on job applications?
1 votes

You cannot require that your views which make you an undesirable hire are ignored by the employers. You can, however, change your views (or the way you express them publicly) and then get the mentions ...

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