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Born in 1988, programming since 1997.

Used languages and technologies: Logo, QBASIC, Pascal, Delphi, Assembly, C, Java, Android, Prolog, Matlab, Java ME, Perl, Python (pandas, numpy, plotly, boto3), C++, Qt, QML, Javascript, Wordpress, Windows, Unix, Amazon Web Services (Lambda, Kinesis, EC2, S3, DynamoDB), Perforce, Git, Github.

I've always been working on a game, especially 2D platformers. Chances are that I'm working on one right now.

I hold an MSc in software engineering. I've worked at several places. At university, I worked as a demonstrator teaching logic and artificial intelligence. I worked at an American cultural center as a volunteer, at a multinational company on an e-trading system, on my own making games and at a startup doing a little bit of everything, Matlab and Python scientific programming, machine learning, producing quality plots and full-stack multiplatform app-development, utilizing different brands of smartwatches and biosensors.

I like playing music, especially the guitar and the bass.

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