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UPDATE: I now work for DTCC as a data warehouse subject matter expert, doing my part to help protect the world's economy infrastructure.

I used to work in the lottery and gam[bl]ing sector as a lead developer and project manager at 4LeafLotto, maintaining wallet and lottery platforms in use by organizations all over the world. It's hard work but it has taught me a great deal about math, security concerns, client/server programming, and especially database schema design, indexing and writing performant queries, and performant software that is easy to comprehend and maintain overall, so I wouldn't take it back for anything. I have a great team I work with; without them what we have created wouldn't be possible.

Love Photoshop (since 5.0! Sorry Gimp!), Linux, Windows, Xamarin, regular expressions, software architecture. I also love raising children, cooking, playing pool, weightlifting and fitness, camping, giving to child cancer charities, theme parks and local carnivals, and the occasional party with friends and family.

I barely maintain a blog because of my workload and my desire to maintain a good work/life balance and spending time with my family, but I add things there periodically. Check it out!

I'm most active on StackOverflow.

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