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8 votes

Are police legally required to stop a crime they see being committed?

6 votes

When is cursing illegal in the U.S.?

5 votes

(When) are police required to identify themselves?

4 votes

Is it legal in California to require extra behavior/communication from a single employee?

3 votes

What can you legally do when merchant promises a perpetual service for a fixed fee, but doesn't deliver?

3 votes

Why 12 Jurors, why not 11, 10, 9, 1?

2 votes

Is it illegal to record boss verbal assault in New York

1 vote

Is it legal to offer preorders (of software) without an announced release date?

1 vote

Can I sue my gym for over charging me?

0 votes

US: Is it legal to jam radio/cell communications if entirely confined to your own private property?

-2 votes

Is it legal to discriminate in employment based on needing future sponsorship?